Day 46 – The Holiday Begins

Chilling with my cousins Hamish and Cameron

The day I was due to leave for my holiday was a day of mixed feelings.  I was looking forward to my break at Auntie Jen’s and Uncle Graeme’s home in Edinburgh, playing with Cousins Hamish and Cameron every day would be great, but it meant I had to say goodbye to Mummy and Daddy.  I knew that Mummy and Daddy felt that being at home without me would be unbearable because they booked a cruise to coincide with my own holiday so that they wouldn’t have constant reminders of my absence – poor dears!

Mummy helped get me packed and then she and Daddy petted and patted me almost bare while Uncle Graeme packed up the car with all my things – wow, have I collected a lot of stuff during my short life of 3.5 months!

I put on a brave show as I was chauffeured away but deep down I was sad to be leaving The Den, despite being very excited about my trip.  It turns out that Auntie Jen is staying behind in Aberdeen to work for a few days and so it’ll just be us boys in Edinburgh – while the cat’s away and all that….what fun!

The journey was uneventful.  I snoozed the whole way down except from a short comfort break at The Horn.  Uncle Graeme was organised and remembered to take away my water bowl, unlike Daddy last time!

My arrival in Edinburgh was fantastic.  My cousins Hamish and Cameron were there and all but rolled out the red carpet for me.  I felt spoiled and special.

I took a while to get settled and acquaint myself with the layout of my holiday home.  Uncle Graeme sure is bossy!

I was slightly taken aback that “my” room was in fact the kitchen and not a place of my own.  I suppose it’s because their house is sooo much smaller than Mummy and Daddy’s.  I hid my disappointment well and resolved to make the most of it.  I won’t take my home in Aberdeen for granted in the future.

Only 19 sleeps till Mummy and Daddy get home.


About Humphrey The Dog

I am a bulldog - and the rather cuddly therapy assistant (canine) at Inchmarlo Retirement Community
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