Day 44 – My new Therapy Assistant job

Humphrey the Therapy Assistant

An exciting day. My official title at Inchmarlo is Therapy Assistant (Canine) in Training. My job when I am at Inchmarlo is to go round the residents in the Care Home, speak to them and try to cheer them up.

Daddy thought it would be nice for me to be photographed with some of the younger staff with whom I will be working. So a selection of them came outside with David, the head Security man in the centre who I had met on two or three previous occasions and you can see me with the pretty young girls who made a tremendous fuss of me, tickling my tummy and wanting to take me home.

After Mummy and Daddy had lunch at the bar I went back in and Karen, one of the social organisers took me round and I went to speak to my friends who were sitting in the reception lounge, licked their ankles, made a fuss of them and they made a fuss of me.

After the residents had lunch Karen took me through to the picture gallery and the Red Drawing Room and I spoke to a whole lot of residents who were waiting for the Sunday Church Service to begin. After that Mummy and Daddy took me up into the Alpine Garden and from there into the new Rainbow Garden which is situated within the keyhole shaped hedge.

Carrying out my therapy assistant duties

When I had looked at all the flowers – and I wasn’t allowed to chew any of them – we met one of the Home Owners who was sitting on a bench against the old main walled garden enjoying the sunshine. He is a retired surgeon and we spoke for a while and then we went into the Courtryard where Daddy and Mummy took me to see another Home Owner who’s pet had died not very long ago.

He was pleased to see me and then his wife came out and she tickled me all. Then we walked back through Pinefield to Inchmarlo House and I had a nice sleep on the way back to Aberdeen. An exciting day.

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4 Responses to Day 44 – My new Therapy Assistant job

  1. Madame Pussy says:

    Litlle doggy is so cute lol. Want a bull dog! Is so cool. Clare wud luv 1 o ese

  2. panicmonster says:

    Good Luck on your first day at “work”

  3. rq says:

    Humphrey, we keep trying to get a hold of each other and it keeps not working! But I want to interview you! Would you please email me? Or maybe tell your daddy too? Thanks! And good luck with that potty training.

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