Day 39 – A trip to see the Queen

Off to see the Queen

This was going to be a different day. Mummy and Daddy were invited by HM The Queen to the Garden Party at Holyrood along with 6000 other guests. We left about 8.00am and on the way down stopped at Glendoick for my comfort break. As I was doing a poo a dog rushed up towards me and I was caught in mid-action – so to speak! This was very disconcerting for a young boy.

Since we were parked opposite the Old School Nursery, Daddy took me across to meet the boys and girls who were playing and many of them came up and put their hands through the fence and asked what type of a dog I was. Daddy said, “Do you know the cartoon Tom and Jerry?” – “oh yes” they said. Well, Daddy explained that I was like Spike, an English Bulldog. They were very excited to see a real Spike.

We then drove all the way to Edinburgh where we went to visit my Auntie Jen, her husband Graeme and their two sons, Hamish and Cameron. They all played with me in the back garden, and although there are no trees I left my marks all over the grass.

When I did a poo Daddy got a plastic bag to pick it up. Hamish wasn’t too happy about being told he would have to do it as well and turned his nose up. Granny said to him that it would be good experience for him because one day he may have to change his babies dirty nappies. Hamish did not seem convinced.

Then disappointment set in. I thought that I was going to go with Mummy and Daddy to the Garden Party and I was looking forward to seeing the Queen and all her Corgis. It was only then that I realised I was going to be left behind.

When they returned they said it was most enjoyable but the queues seemed endless. I realised that I would not have enjoyed standing in queues for such a long time so I’m quite relieved that I wasn’t there – and the corgis weren’t there either.

A stop en-route for a snack

Daddy and Mummy came back to Jen’s house where they had another cup of tea and they found me asleep on the bean bag. I had never been in one before and I wanted to leap out to greet them but I found I could not do it; every time I put my foot down in the bean bag the granules moved and it was like being in quick-sand, but I thought it was probably the most comfortable thing I have slept in!

When we were having lunch Mummy and Daddy discovered that they had left my feeding bowl on the grass at Glendoick so Jen gave me my food and water in new dishes. On the way back we stopped at Glendoick for another comfort break and lo and behold there lying in the grass in exactly the same position was my feeding bowl!

That was very, very pleasing but I will only be able to use the same bowl for a very short time. My food depends on my size and the bowl is already filled to the brim so I will have to go on to bigger bowls. I am looking forward to more food. It was an interesting day!

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