Day 36 – A spot of rugby

Another of my favourite new sports

A fine day. In the garden all day where I played football, first of all with my big blue ball and then with a much smaller rugby shaped ball which is so small I can actually get half of it in my mouth. Daddy can’t kick it away from me because my teeth go through the plastic and hold it tight.

That evening Mummy and Daddy went for dinner at Kildrummy Castle Hotel and when we got there they let me go out to the grass for a comfort break and then they went in. I was most unhappy sitting in the back of the car all by myself and I barked and I barked and I barked.

Daddy came out during the meal and took me over to the grass again, gave me a couple of treats, put me back in the car but I continued barking. After he had finished the main course and before the coffee he came back out again and I was still barking.

By the time they finished their tea or coffee and both Mummy and Daddy came out I was so tired of expressing my displeasure at being left on my own that I snoozed all the way home.

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3 Responses to Day 36 – A spot of rugby

  1. Alastair Brown says:

    I have to say that it makes me, Stacey and the grls very happy to see just how well Humphrey is getting on and how much joy he is bringing to everybody he meets. We also think that he will excell is his new roll as therapy pet for the Inchmarlo retirement village.
    All the best Alastair, Stacey, Ava, Emmie, Mummy (Beau) & Daddy (Warrick)

  2. Maureen Mutch says:

    Hi Humprey
    I wish to congratulate you on your wonderful blog. I discovered it quiet by chance tonight and enjoyed reading about your various antics. We met at Inchmarlo House a week past Wednesday where I was assisting with a group organised by the The Forget Me Not Club. An STV cameraman arrived to film you and i was delighted to learn from friends that i too was filmed stroking the beautiful Humphrey. I’ve yet to see the feature but ever hopeful that someone will have it on tape. Continued success with your new and exciting post as therapy assistant at Inchmarlo House.
    Maureen x

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