Day 30 – Watching the ducks

Watching the ducks at Inchmarlo

It was not a very nice morning in Aberdeen. Mummy went to Church and I spent all morning with Daddy in the conservatory and then we went out to Inchmarlo for lunch. I met my usual friends in the Reception area who were very pleased and excited to see me again.

Karen who was on duty behind the reception desk wanted to give me another bosie which I enjoyed and then a care assistant took me through to the Red Lounge where I met some of the residents who tickled my tummy and made a fuss of me. It was very pleasant.

Afterwards we went and walked down to a completely new area, The Heronry, and Daddy got bread from the kitchen so that he could feed the ducks. The ducks rushed up when they saw us but I was somewhat hesitant and stood well back even though there was a big wire fence between me and them. They were frightened of me and I was frightened of them.

Mummy and Daddy tore off pieces of bread and threw them over the fence so that it landed just the other side and after a while the greediest of the ducks dared to come forward, snapped up the bread and ran away again. I went closer to the fence and stared them out and did not run away. After a while they got more confident and they came up and gobbled all the bread.

Fascinated by the ducks at Inchmarlo

I was interested to see the most courageous ducks were the girls and the shyest ones were the boys who were by far the most beautiful with their beautiful green heads. Of course it is always the case that we boys are better looking the girls.

After that we walked back again to Inchmarlo House and Daddy went and got me some water to drink. We met another resident outside who used to be a judge at dog shows and we spoke for a while and she told us about the Dobermans that she and her late husband used to own.

At night Daddy tried to put me outside to do a wee. I didn’t want to go and when he took me through to the study to watch television I immediately sat down and did a wee on the Persian carpet and he was furious. He put me outside and later, when he took me in again, I sat beside him looking at him and crying out to be lifted up on to his knee. Eventually he relented. I had a lovely evening lying there having a long snooze.

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