Day 27 – On the scales again

Humphrey gets weighed again

Early in the morning Daddy comes down, opens the back door to the garden before he opens the door to my room so I can rush outside. After I do some more wee’s and poo’s we go back inside and Daddy cleans up any mess I have made during the night – which I always do.

They have changed my meals from 4 times a day to 3 but have increased the portions. This is to allow me to eat earlier and hopefully not do a poo during the night.

Unfortunately I still can’t last the night and sometimes I walk into it. Mummy holds me up while Daddy wipes each paw with damp paper towel. This morning my Mummy said, “I think he’s enjoying it” so Daddy wiped my feet again. It was very relaxing.

Back to the vet’s again. We had to wait a little time for the nurse to weigh me and while we were waiting a lady came out with a cat in a cage, spoke to Daddy and when I went up to the cage to smell the cat it lunged at me hissing and spitting and frightened the daylights out of me. This is the second time that this has happened to me with cats – what is wrong with them, why are they such unfriendly creatures?

The nurse put me on the vet’s scale and I now weigh over 6 kilos. I was completely unconcerned sitting up on the scales by myself with the nurse standing beside me as Daddy took my photograph.

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