Day 26 – An Inchmarlo visit and a Puppy Party

Waiting to return to Inchmarlo

Since Mummy was away at a University meeting Daddy took me in the car to Inchmarlo. He took the roof off and I had a very interesting time on the way out because of the huge number of different smells which wafted into the car – so many that I couldn’t sit still.

When we arrived I went into Reception and greeted all my new friends including the lady whose face always bursts into a beaming smile whenever she sees me and I then started to undo the laces on the shoes another of my lady friends. The nursing and care staff came through and made a fuss of me as usual and then we went outside and had lunch on the lawn with Susie, the Director and General Manager, whom I was meeting for the first time.

It was a glorious day and Daddy had put the lead underneath the legs of his chair. Unfortunately I got terribly tangled up and Daddy had to lift up his chair several times to untangle the lead. He phoned a former employee called Patience, who has dogs of her own and who had expressed interest in seeing me, so up she came and said I was just a gorgeous looking young man and made a fuss of me.

I then went into the Sales Office and was introduced to Phyllis who said how delighted she was to meet me and I was pleased to meet her. On the way home, despite the fact that the roof was still off, I was so tired with all the excitement that I snoozed and paid no attention to all the smells.

A bull in a china shop? Me?

Later that evening Daddy took me back to the vet’s for my second Puppy Party. There were many more dogs, some five times as big as me and some were smaller than me. One lady dog who was incredibly shy sat under her Mummy and Daddy’s chair and wouldn’t come out and play. I fancied her, and continually went up to smell her, but her Mummy and Daddy kept 3 pushing me away. I didn’t mean her any harm.

However one or two of the other dogs were very rough and I must say that I got very irritated with them and some of my barks were hard barks, so much so that Daddy put me back on the lead and wouldn’t let me go everywhere. Most of the time I had good fun and we were watched by three grown up dogs on the other side of the protective barrier who clearly wanted to join us.

Back home I heard Daddy telling Mummy that I behaved “like a bull in a china shop”. I don’t really know what that means, but it did not sound terribly complimentary.

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