Day 23 – Bathtime

Bathtime for Humphrey

Daddy came down to let me out and I galloped forward to welcome him and then went out and did what I had to do in the garden. We went back into the kitchen to have my breakfast and then back out to the garden to play football.

This was the start of yet another different day. It was a beautiful sunny day and Daddy and Mummy decided that since I was beginning to have rather a strong doggy aroma, they should give me a bath.

Mid-morning I was taken up to the blue bathroom and listened as the bath was filled with about 4 or 5 inches of water and then I was lifted up and put in. I really didn’t know what was happening but Daddy put some puppy shampoo on me, and then lathered me all over.

Apparently their last bulldog, Ollie, hated being bathed so much that it was a fight to keep him in the bath. In case I was difficult some of my favourite treats were available but I was so confused as to what was happening that I didn’t eat them.

Drying off after the bath

Mummy then showered me with clean warm water and dried me with beautiful hot red towels. Then I was offered the treats again, and this time I was less confused and I could really enjoy them. After that Daddy and I went out to the garden where I ran about in the warm sunshine and rolled all over and lay with my legs in the air enjoying the day.

I am not sure how often I will have to go through that experience again. I can’t say that I liked it nor can I say that I didn’t like it but it certainly was a new experience.

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