Day 21 – Another trip to Inchmarlo

Chilling in the Mercedes car seat

What an exciting day! Daddy took me out in the Mercedes to Inchmarlo. To stop me getting lost or running into the bushes Daddy and Mummy fastened on my new red harness which is very smart and Daddy had a small lead which he attached to my harness and connected it to the seat belt. So here I am sitting in the Mercedes with my seat belt on – don’t I look grown up!

I hated wearing a normal collar and I used to put my feet forward and had to be pulled along but with the harness there is nothing round my neck and the extendable lead means it is really like me walking without any restrictions.

As we approached the Care Home Daddy noticed that there were several Home Owners from the community playing croquet, so we went over and spoke to them all, but Daddy warned me not to bite the ball they were playing with! What a spoilsport!

Smelling the Inchmarlo flowers

We then went into the Care Home where there were a few residents sitting in the reception area and I spoke to them all, and they were absolutely delighted to see me. One lady got very excited when I started chewing her shoe laces and managed to untie them.

Another lady, who seldom speaks to anyone at all, beamed with pleasure when I went over, spoke to her, and licked her hands as she patted me. Karen, the Social Organiser, took me through to the Picture Gallery and the Red Drawing Room and I was with her for about 20 minutes as she introduced me to the ladies, who made such a fuss over me.

Later when I was sitting in the Bar with Daddy and Margaret, one of the Customer Liaison Officers, lots of the young nurses came through and wanted to give me a cuddle and tickle my tummy. Quite a number of them said they would like to take me home with them, but Daddy wouldn’t agree.

They were testing the fire alarm when I was standing outside and oh, what a noise it made you see, my ears are much more sensitive than human ears. Then I was introduced to David, the Head Security Warden, and we went up to the main alpine garden I was absolutely amazed at the height of the trees.

Reading the pet cemetery plaque

Daddy said that some of them were the tallest specimens of their type in Britain, some over 42 metres high. When I grow up and start leaving my mark on trees I will never be able to get round them all, but my goodness I’m going to have such fun. David lifted me up so I could smell the azaleas and rhododendrons which were absolutely beautiful.

Then we walked to the Pet’s Cemetery where I could see the new plaque with a eulogy to his dog, Boatswain, by Lord Byron the famous poet, who was educated in Aberdeen. It is so moving and it just shows that he must have been a very caring human being to think so highly of his pet.

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