Day 12 – Cats

Humphrey's new nemesis

Daddy came back from a business breakfast to take me to the vet to check up on my leg again. Once here I refused to walk with my new harness and lead on and had to be pulled in sliding on the lino.

All five of the practitioners and assistants spoke to me saying how cute I was. I stood quite unafraid on the vet’s table who pressed me all over – again – and explained that because I was bred to have a “corkscrew” tail it can sometimes cause the spine to be distorted. However he did not think I had a problem so he said to Daddy to keep a lookout on how I walked and played.

Daddy gave me treats for being so well behaved. On the way out there was a customer with a little baby in a carrycot and a cat in a cage. I had never seen a cat so I went over and licked the baby’s toes who woke up and looked at me. I then went close to the cage to smell the cat who hissed at me loudly and lunged at me. It gave me a fright. I have decided I don’t like cats – well not that one anyway.

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