Day 9 – Visiting Inchmarlo

In front of Inchmarlo House

Today was a very exciting day. We went out to the Inchmarlo Retirement Village at Banchory and I was taken into the Care Home to meet some of the staff including the Receptionists, Head Nurses, Head Cleaner and lots of other ladies. They all said how cute I was. Karen at reception wanted a “bosie” and asked to be photographed with me.

After Mummy and Daddy had lunch I was taken through to the Drawing Room where a group of Home Owners had just had lunch. Daddy took me round the tables and I was introduced to many of them, all of whom said what a gorgeous little boy I was! One Home Owner asked Daddy if I was an Alsatian! I was offended because I am English Bulldog not a German Alsatian. I do not know whether the Home Owner was teasing or not.

Afterwards we went to the Red Drawing Room where I was introduced to a number of the residents in the care home. Later we went outside and I played on the front lawn and met a family visiting their mother to celebrate her 102nd birthday. One of her grand-daughters was a little girl who was wearing bright pink boots with huge laces. I loved the look of these boots and chased after her trying to bite the laces, but she was a spoilsport and would not play. She became frightened, screamed and ran away from me.

I had my photograph taken in front of the Inchmarlo House Care Home and I look even smaller because of the height of the building. Daddy and Mummy then took me to see the Inchmarlo Pets Cemetery and I had a good look round the headstones of pets. Inchmarlo encourages Home Owners to bring their pets and when they pass on they can be buried within the Community.

Humphrey explores Inchmarlo's pet cemetery

One of the newest was a beautiful black granite stone with Paddy Leslie engraved on it. It was very moving and it was clear that Paddy was a very loved member of the Leslie family.

While I was there a Home Owner out walking his Shitzu came up and the dog stared at me and I stared right back. It barked at me a few times but I wasn’t frightened possibly because I was high up in Daddy’s arms looking down at it.

After all that running about and excitement of meeting so many people and chasing the young girl in the pink boots I sat in the back of the car and had a very long snooze.

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