Day 8 – Football and Eating Leaves

Relaxing in my basket

I had my second run in the car because Uncle Dickie was flying back from Aberdeen to Bangkok and then to Singapore to start a new job. I sat in the back seat with him as we went out to the airport. I was very good and wasn’t car sick or anything at all.

However when we got back to my house Daddy and I played a new game in the garden. He would kick the big blue ball and I would chase after it and jump on top and grab the ball between my front legs and my chest and Daddy would try to take it away from me. I would growl and he would pretend to growl back and we did this all over the garden for a while.

I also enjoy chasing round the garden and eating the plants, flowers and leaves and chewing the stalks of some of the bushes. Daddy keeps telling me not to do this especially when I break a tall flower. However I pay no attention and by the time he tells me to stop I’ve already had my fun.

Later that night I was sitting on Mummy’s knee while she was watching television and I was very sick all over her knees and she was not very pleased about it. Daddy said, “that’s because you’re eating the flowers and leaves.”

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