Day 5 – A lunch date

Exploring the path at home

Mummy had lunch with a friend who loved their previous bulldogs, so she came up to see me in the afternoon. She thought I was charming but of course everybody does. Later in the day a friend of Uncle Dickie’s came to see him and he thought I was so cute that he wanted to go away and bring back his very young daughter.

When she arrived we went out into the big back garden but she seemed to be very shy and wouldn’t speak to me. I thought I would show off and I charged round the garden at full speed, running so quickly that I fell over my own feet on a number of occasions, but still she stood close to her daddy saying absolutely nothing.

Eventually I thought, “This isn’t working” so I went up and bit her white socks and pulled them, but that had no effect either! Oh dear, what’s a young boy got to do to get attention from a pretty young girl!

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