Day 4 – A trip to the vet

Humphrey waiting for the vet's check up

I was wide-awake when Daddy came down and opened the door to my room, but he was not as pleased with me as before because I had left poos all over my bed and not on the floor as I had done the day before.

After Daddy scraped the mess off the mattress Mummy had to wash it in the washing machine. Daddy then took me across to the front grass and I performed again, and Daddy told me I was a clever boy.

Between the grass and the driveway is the row of ‘granite cassies’ and today I plucked up my courage, and took the big step and went on to the driveway, walked over to the front door of the house and managed to climb up the two steps and into the house. I felt very proud that I was now becoming a bigger boy.

In the afternoon I heard Mummy and Daddy saying that I was going to go to the vet for my first injection, so after lunch, Daddy and Uncle Dickie drove out to The Veterinary Surgeons at Kingswells outside Aberdeen.

I did not know what was going to happen, but on the way out I heard Daddy and Uncle Dickie speaking about their two previous bulldogs Jamie and Ollie who were absolutely terrified when they went to the vets and both shook like a leaf as soon as they realised where they were going. And they were grown adults!

However, when we arrived, there were two very pretty, young receptionists behind the counter who welcomed us all and said how cute I was and could they hold me. It was very flattering to be told that by pretty young girls, both of whom gave me a cuddle.

Being examined by the vet

Eventually we went through to a room where I was put up on a very small table high off the ground, and weighed. Then the vet held a peculiar looking white plastic thing over my head and said, “He’s got a microchip already!”

When I was much younger apparently, Alistair and Stacey had a microchip fitted, so that if I am ever lost or stolen, people can identify who I am. I hope I never get lost: that would be terrible and I would be very nervous. If I was stolen – my goodness that would be even worse!

Paul felt me all over, and I mean all over! He said that I seemed to be perfectly healthy, looked at my eyes and announced that I had worms! He told Daddy and Uncle Dickie that I had to have medicine to get rid of the worms which had apparently come from my birth mummy.

I surprised myself by sitting up on the high table and not showing any fear at all, and I wasn’t even shaking, even when Paul injected something into the skin at the back of my neck! Next week I have been invited to a Puppy Party Class where I am going to meet other puppies of the same age, where we can all play about in the room and get to know each other. That should be fun.

Back home and time for sleep

On the way back in the car Daddy and Uncle Dickie were saying how brave I was, but when I got home, I felt very tired and went and had a snooze in my basket in the kitchen. One thing that does sound a little bit alarming is that the vet recommended that I should have an operation which would save possible problems later in life when I’m grown up. I don’t know what that means but it does not sound good!

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