Day 2 – a busy morning

Humphrey takes his morning meal

At 7.00am Daddy came down and let me out of my room and had to mop up all the wees and poos, which I think are called poos because when Daddy entered the room he said “oh what a pooh!” After my breakfast he carried me across to a small garden in the front, where I ran about and did a wee. My birth daddy Warrick told me that when I am a grown up, I need to leave my mark around my house or on trees so that other dogs will know that that is my territory.

Well I have been leaving marks all over my room and the kitchen since I arrived in Aberdeen! I heard Daddy say that carrying me about was like carrying a leaking hot water bottle. In the afternoon my Mummy and Daddy had to go to a party, so I and Uncle Dickie stayed together, and I helped him look after the house. At night I snoozed in front of the fire in the study and watched television.

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